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Macroeconomics Серия: Prentice-Hall series in economics инфо 6456a.
Macroeconomics Серия: Prentice-Hall series in economics инфо 6456a.

Students often struggle to see how macroeconomic models compare to one another and fit into the big picture Using a unified approach based on a single economics model, Abel, Bernanke, and Croushore provide a апзцуbalanced, comprehensive treatment of classical and Keynesian economics, presenting macroeconomic theory in a way that prepares students to analyze real macroeconomic data The Sixth Edition Update correlates sixteen key chapter topics with resource material including sбаэфъpeeches, reports, or testimony, most from the Federal Reserve Board Questions at the end of each topic discussion demonstrate how macroeconomic theory has direct implications on today’s economic policies Introduction: Introduction to Macroeconomics; The Measurement and Structure of the National Economy Long-Run Economic Performance: Productivity, Output, and Employment; Consumption, Saving, and Investment; Saving and Investment in the Open Economy; Long-Run Economic Growth; The Assбнзфнet Market, Money, and Prices Business Cycles and Macroeconomic Policy: Business Cycles; The IS-LM/AD-AS Model: A General Framework for Macroeconomic Analysis; Classical Business Cycle Analysis: Market-Clearing Macroeconomics; Keynesianism: The Macroeconomics of Wage and Price Rigidity Macroeconomic Policy: Its Environment and Institutions: Unemployment and Inflation; Exchange Rates, Business Cycles, and Macroeconomic Policy in the Open Economy; Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve System; Government Spending and Its Financing For all readers interested in macroeconomics Формат: 21 см x 26 см 6 edition Иллюстрация Авторы Эндрю Б Эбел Andrew B Abel Бен С Бернанке Ben S Bernanke Dean Croushore.

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