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The Crimson Blind & Other Ghost Stories D Everett H D Everett инфо 10801b.
The Crimson Blind & Other Ghost Stories D Everett H D Everett инфо 10801b.

Mrs H D Everett was the last in a long line of gifted Victorian novelists who knew how to grip the reader through the invasion of everyday life by the abnormal and dramatic, leaving the facts to produce theiапйыфr special thrills without piling on the agony 'I always know,' says one of her characters, 'how to distinguish a true ghost story from a faked one The true ghost story never has any point and the faked one dare not leave it out' From the chillling horror of The Deathбаядя Mask to the shocking violence of The Crimson Blind, from the creeping menace of Parson Clench to the mounting suspense of The Pipers of Mallory, these thrilling stories were enthusiastically received by readers and critics when they first appeared, and are sure to delight and terrify the modern reader in equal measure With their haunting influences, their permeating scents, their midnight apparitions and unexplained sounds, they plunge us, along with the hero or heroine, into a statбнииюe of increasing nervous excitement Формат: 12,5 см х 19,5 см Содержание The Death Mask c 9-18 Parson Clench c 19-28 The Wind of Dunowe c 29-44 Nevill Nugent's Legacy c 45-58 The Crimson Blind c 59-72 Fingers of a Hand c 73-80 The Next Heir c 81-112 Anne's Little Ghost c 113-124 Over the Wires c 125-134 A Water Witch c 135-150 The Lonely Road c 151-156 A Girl in White c 157-166 A Perplexing Case c 167-176 Beyond the Pale c 177-190 The Pipers of Mallory c 191-202 The Whispering Wall c 203-208 Автор H D Everett H D Everett.

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