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CPA Review: Auditing & Attestation М Биск Nathan M Bisk инфо 1646k.
CPA Review: Auditing & Attestation М Биск Nathan M Bisk инфо 1646k.

America's Best "CPA Review" Since 1971 these comprehensive textbooks are the perfect tool to study for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam and are the resources you will refer to over апжьлand over again for exam tips, techniques, strategies and, of course, answers Our 4-volume textbook series provides comprehensive coverage of all exam topics and includes a free simulations CD-ROM to practice simulation questions in a format that will help prepare you баэбпfor the actual exam Available separately or in a 4-volume set, our textbooks will enable you to achieve maximum preparedness to sit for the CPA exam Features: - Tips, techniques and strategies on how to prepare for the CPA Exam, including a Getting Started section that provides a recommended weekly training plan, - Coverage of all exam changes, the very latest AICPA, FASB, GASB and ISB pronouncements and all significant ARBs, APBs, SASs, SSARs, SFACs and FASB materials, - Thousands бнзогof review questions with correct and incorrect answer explanations not available from the AICPA What's Included: - A diagnostic exam to determine your strengths and weaknesses and direct your studies and a practice exam to test your exam preparedness, - Our exclusive Solutions Approach to problem solving that shows you how to answer questions for maximum points from the graders, - A special appendix containing answer-writing tips that will boost your scores, - Much more! Формат: 21 см x 27 см 38 edition Автор Натан М Биск Nathan M Bisk.

Цена 2558 руб.